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blue bridge

Blue Bridge Asset Rental and Management is an asset rental company based in Midrand, Johannesburg.

We provide rental services for a wide range of technological assets including laptops, desktop computers,tablets,printers, projectors, gaming consoles and navigators.

laptop for hire

Renting vs Buying

  • Reduce upfront capital costs.
  • Avoid repair and maintenance costs.
  • Always use the most recent and up to date equipment.
  • Free setup and configuration(for most assets).
  • EFT or Credit Card payment options.
  • Flexible rental options from short term to long term.

Rental Assets


Enjoy the convinience of renting the latest laptop with cutting edge hardware and features.

laptop for hire

Desktops Computers

The most popular piece of computer equipment and ideal for any office enviroment where mobility of the equipment is not required.

desktop computer hire

Desktop Printers

Are you always printing documents for clients?.This asset will go along with the desktop computers and laptops as a package.

HP laser printer hire

TV Screens

High definition screens to produce clear and high quality images.

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